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Oliveira-Lentz Fight Ruled a No Contest

As reported by Damon Martin of MMA Weekly, Sunday’s UFC on Versus 4 fight between Charles Oliveira and Nik Lentz has been ruled a no contest. Oliveira was arguably winning the fight against Lentz until he landed a knee to the head of Lentz while Lentz still had a knee on the ground. The illegal knee visibly hurt Lentz, who shortly afterwards submitted to a rear naked choke.

I have to commend the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission for making the correct decision here. Ideally, referee Chip Snider would’ve seen the illegal knee during the fight, interrupted the bout, and if it was determined that Lentz was unable to continue, Lentz would’ve been awarded a DQ win. However, Snider didn’t see the illegal knee that was thrown, and as a result, a badly hurt Lentz was quickly submitted by Oliveira. Because the illegal knee so clearly led to the finish, the proper course of action was to rule the fight a No Contest, which is exactly what the commission has done.


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