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Does Hiroshi Izumi Stand a Chance Against Gegard Mousasi at DREAM Tonight?

This could reasonably be my shortest blog post of all time by flatly saying “no.”

Of course, there’s the little nagging cliche: “anything can happen in MMA.”

Now, once in a while, the Baltimore Orioles do beat the New York Yankees, the Cleveland Cavaliers do beat the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Detroit Lions do beat the Green Bay Packers. So the phenomenon of a big upset occurring is hardly a one-sport thing.

In the minds of the people who put this fight together, I’m sure Izumi qualified for a “title fight” against Mousasi based on the following criteria:

  1. He’s Japanese.
  2. He’s a former silver medalist in Judo.
  3. He has a win against the formidable Ikuhisa Minowa.

Since Izumi is 4-1, I actually bothered to process his SILVA score. Thanks to a split decision victory over James Zikic, Izumi actually manages to have a SILVA score that’s not particularly terrible.


Realistically, Mousasi (who is as much as a 14-1 favorite in this fight) is going to batter Izumi standing, and win by TKO sometime within the first two minutes. Izumi has a chance in the same way that Tarvaris Jackson has a chance of being named to the Pro Bowl this year.


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