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UFC on Versus 5 Preview: C.B. Dollaway vs. Jared Hamman

Before his fight against Mark Munoz at UFC on Versus 3 in March, C.B. Dollaway appeared to have some pretty good momentum behind him. At 5-2 in the UFC, Dollaway seemed poised to launch himself into title contention if he could come up with a victory. To that point, Dollaway had been toiling against guys like Joe Doerksen and Goran Reljic. Munoz represented exactly the kind of fighter who could take Dollaway out of the lower half of the UFC middleweight division, and bring him into the upper half.

Then Dollaway went splat. Munoz knocked him out in just 54 seconds (in a somewhat controversial stoppage, but I agreed with it). Now, instead of being a 6-2 UFC fighter in title contention, Dollaway is 5-3 and badly in need of a win. He’ll face a tough opponent in Jared Hamman, a fighter whose back is also against the wall. Hamman is just 1-2 in the UFC, with a win against Rodney Wallace sandwiched between losses to Alexander Gustafsson and Kyle Kingsbury.

Stylistically, this may be a good fight for Dollaway. Hamman is a well-rounded fighter and has decent wrestling ability, but Dollaway’s Arizona State wrestling background (the school that produced fighters you may have heard of, such as Cain Velasquez and Ryan Bader) probably gives him the advantage in that department. However, if Hamman is able to defend Dollaway’s takedown, this could become a striking war, in which Hamman may well have the advantage.


Dollaway has the better pedigree and is the pick to win this fight. However, Hamman isn’t somebody to take lightly, and I feel that many are underrating/overlooking him, as Hamman (to the best of my knowledge) has yet to be televised in any UFC bout. Again, if Hamman can defend Dollaway’s takedown, he has a decent chance to win, but I think it’s most likely that Dollaway either imposes his will with the wrestling game, or uses the threat of the takedown to outstrike Hamman.


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