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SILVA Predictions for the Strikeforce Grand Prix Tonight

  • 155 lbs: Pat Healy (30.93) over Maximo Blanco (18.85)
  • 205 lbs: Muhammed Lawal (45.24) vs. Roger Gracie (N/A)
  • 185 lbs: Ronaldo Souza (33.03) over Luke Rockhold (32.59)
  • 265 lbs: Daniel Cormier (51.43) over Antonio Silva (47.50)
  • 265 lbs: Josh Barnett (47.11) over Sergei Kharitonov (32.89)

My personal prediction is for Muhammed Lawal to beat Roger Gracie.

Two mild upsets being picked here: Daniel Cormier to beat Antonio Silva, and Pat Healy to beat Maximo Blanco. In both of those fights, the betting lines have the combatants being relatively close, so I can’t call either pick the “big underdog pick of the card.”

In any event, enjoy the fights!


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