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UFC Fight Night 25 Preview: Ken Stone vs. Donny Walker

OK, it’s Thursday now. UFC Fight Night 25 takes place on Saturday. This means… that I have two days to write eight fight previews. So brace yourselves for some serious previews coming up soon.

And we start with Ken Stone vs. Donny Walker, a battle of bantamweights that haven’t shown a whole heck of a lot in terms of fighting talent in the UFC. Stone is 0-2 as a Zuffa employee, losing at WEC 53 to Eddie Wineland by first-round slam KO, and then to Scott Jorgensen at the TUF 13 Finale by first-round KO by punch from the guard. I’d love to say that I know what Stone brings to the table as a fighter, but thus far, what he’s brought is a tendency to be knocked out in very quick and sudden fashion. The only thing I can say in Stone’s favor is that he out-landed Jorgensen in Significant Strikes, 18-15 according to Fight Metric.

The other thing I can say is that Jorgensen and Wineland are both good (if not great) bantamweight fighters. Jorgensen has a very average SILVA score (by UFC standards) of 29.99, and Wineland’s SILVA score of 28.30 suggests a fighter good enough to hang around, but that’s about it. Still, they’re both UFC-quality fighters for sure, something that I’m not sure I can say about Stone’s next opponent, Donny Walker. Walker made his UFC debut against Jeff Hougland just a couple months ago at UFC 132. Hougland has one of the bantamweight division’s lowest SILVA scores, but that didn’t stop him from thoroughly beating Walker. Walker had his moments, but I was struggling to see what he brought to the table in terms of real, high-level fighting skill. I’ll put it this way: Hougland is no world-beater, but he seemed to be better than Walker at just about everything.

So it is that this is an appropriate match for the preliminary fights of a Spike TV broadcast. The loser of this fight is almost certainly going to be released – neither can afford to lose to the other. But these guys did make it to the UFC for a reason, and it’s that they were actually able to win fights before being given their shot in MMA’s biggest promotion.


SILVA’s pick is Walker, a fighter who looked very bad against Hougland, but at least was able to fight the full 15 minutes, unlike Ken Stone, who is trying to regroup after two straight quick losses. It’s hard to write previews for fights like this, since I just don’t know that much about either guy, but that’s what SILVA is for. Walker is the pick to win.


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