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TUF 14: Team Bisping vs. Team Miller – Bantamweight Rankings

First of all, yes, I know I’m late. I apologize for that, but hopefully the TUF 14 rankings will have been worth the wait.

What I can promise is that, unlike last season, there will only be ONE set of rankings. Here are the bantamweights, as ranked by SILVA:

  1. John Dodson (11-5): 27.66 SILVA
  2. Johnny Bedford (17-9-1): 26.40
  3. Roland Delorme (6-1): 24.88
  4. Louis Gaudinot (5-1): 24.39
  5. Dustin Pague (9-4): 18.99
  6. John Albert (6-1): 17.78
  7. Josh Ferguson (7-3): 10.00
  8. T.J. Dillashaw (4-0): N/A

Note that T.J. Dillashaw is ranked last because he doesn’t have the five career fights necessary to qualify for a SILVA score. In TUF history, only Amir Sadollah has ever won the show without having at least five career professional fights under his belt.

Otherwise, I would say the four fighters to favor on the bantamweight side of this season are John Dodson, Johnny Bedford, Roland Delorme, and Louis Gaudinot, in that order. Only Sadollah has ever won TUF without being ranked in my top four.

Stay tuned to this website for the SILVA featherweight rankings!


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