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UFC on Versus 6 Preview: Mac Danzig vs. Matt Wiman

In June 2010, at UFC 115, Matt Wiman placed a guillotine choke hold on Mac Danzig. Wiman held onto it for a few seconds, and then referee Yves Lavigne abruptly stopped the fight. Danzig did not tap out. Danzig had not been choked out. In fact, Danzig was still fighting the guillotine choke attempt, and had a good chance of escaping it, when the fight was stopped. Now, at UFC on Versus 6, Danzig and Wiman will get the opportunity to fight each other again.

Part of the sabermetric lexicon in baseball is the term “Quad-A” when describing players who are very good minor leaguers, but struggle to perform well enough in the major leagues. If there was such a thing as a “Quad-A” MMA fighter, I feel that Mac Danzig would be it. Danzig is a very solid, fundamentally sound fighter. If you put Danzig in a cage against an opponent with a glaring weakness, Danzig will take advantage of that weakness and win emphatically.

But Danzig lacks extraordinary talent, and the result is that, when Danzig is matched up against a tough opponent, he tends to fall short of victory. Take, for example, Danzig’s loss to Jim Miller at UFC 100. Danzig provided a good test for Miller; he was very tough and even threatened Miller on a couple occasions, but in the end, Miller just did more damage and was just the better fighter. I suppose the way to say this is that Danzig may be good in all disciplines, but I don’t think he’s special in any particular area.

That’s why Matt Wiman should be a very tough opponent for Danzig to beat. Wiman lacks the glaring weakness that is usually a prerequisite for Danzig deserving status as the favored fighter. Now, Wiman is much like Danzig in the sense that he’s not spectacular in any one area, but I see Wiman as a better athlete than Danzig and perhaps a better wrestler as well. The biggest difference is that Wiman has more success in the UFC. While Wiman is 7-4 in the UFC with wins against Thiago Tavares and Cole Miller, Danzig is just 4-4 and his best win is your pick of Mark Bocek or a KO of a badly faded Joe Stevenson. Of course, if you throw out Wiman vs. Danzig at UFC 115, the records change a bit, but it doesn’t change the fact that Wiman has just been a little more successful in the cage.


Note that Danzig’s SILVA score with the Wiman loss thrown out would be 27.66, while Wiman’s SILVA score would be unchanged. Ultimately, I think this will be a grinding, tough, tooth-and-nail battle between two solid veterans of the MMA game. But in the end, I think Wiman’s just a little better in all areas than Danzig is, and I’m comfortable picking Wiman to win this fight.


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