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SILVA Predictions for UFC 136

Preliminary Fights on Facebook

  • 185 lbs: Steve Cantwell (29.76) over Mike Massenzio (27.17)
  • 185 lbs: Aaron Simpson (28.41) over Eric “Red” Schafer (22.97)
  • 145 lbs: Tie Quan Zhang (32.18) over Darren Elkins (22.29)
  • 265 lbs: Joey Beltran (30.15) over Stipe Miocic (28.87)

Preliminary Fights on Spike TV

  • 155 lbs: Anthony Pettis (32.43) over Jeremy Stephens (30.33)
  • 185 lbs: Demian Maia (44.11) over Jorge Santiago (32.75)

Main Card Fights on PPV

  • 145 lbs: Leonard Garcia (28.54) over Nam Phan (18.53)
  • 155 lbs: Melvin Guillard (31.54) over Joe Lauzon (29.92)
  • 185 lbs: Chael Sonnen (41.45) over Brian Stann (29.10)
  • UFC featherweight championship: Jose Aldo (48.14) over Kenny Florian (36.54)
  • UFC lightweight championship: Gray Maynard (54.05) over Frank Edgar (50.23)


What’s not to love about this fight card? Two title fights, two more very relevant fights, and… well, one other main card fight that should at least be entertaining in a shameless sort of way. The Spike TV fights are about as good as they’ve ever been as well… two very relevant fights there. Really, you can’t ask for a better fight card than this one.

The big underdog pick of the card

This time around, it’s Joey Beltran, who SILVA is picking to beat the UFC newcomer in Stipe Miocic. If Miocic wins, I’ll be prepared to get behind him as a real prospect, but I make predictions based on data, and there’s just not enough data available to support a Miocic victory. It’s a relatively low-confidence prediction, but Beltran is the pick.

It’s also worth noting that Gray Maynard is a very slight underdog.

SILVA vs. David Williams

This has been going better for me recently, but this time, I have the advantage of knowing that SILVA really shouldn’t credit Leonard Garcia with some of his recent victories. Garcia is favored by SILVA as a result of those fights, but my personal pick is Nam Phan to beat him.


One response to “SILVA Predictions for UFC 136

  1. howard morton October 7, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    Agree except I am taking Miocic, Phan and Edgar. Other than those fighters I agree with SILVA.

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