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SILVA Predictions for TUF 14 Finale

Preliminary Fights on Facebook

  • 145 lbs: Bryan Caraway (45.79) over Dustin Neace (7.73)
  • 145 lbs: Steven Siler (59.42) over Josh Clopton (-12.79)
  • 135 lbs: Roland Delorme (51.81) over Josh Ferguson (-15.35)
  • 135 lbs: John Albert (6.19) over Dustin Pague (3.09)
  • 145 lbs: Stephen Bass (20.07) over Marcus Brimage (N/A)
  • 135 lbs: Johnny Bedford (37.45) over Louis Gaudinot (-23.91)

Main Card Fights on Spike TV

  • 155 lbs: Yves Edwards (55.14) over Tony Ferguson (45.77)
  • 135 lbs: John Dodson (25.48) over T.J. Dillashaw (N/A)
  • 145 lbs: Dennis Bermudez (36.46) over Diego Brandao (22.04)
  • 185 lbs: Michael Bisping (61.51) over Jason “Mayhem” Miller (51.30)


I’ve never been less confident in SILVA in my life. The reason is that the featherweight and bantamweight divisions in MMA are just not nearly as well-developed as lightweight and higher. The result is that, for a lot of the fighters on TUF 14, SILVA just doesn’t have the same amount of information to work with that it normally has. To make matters worse, I don’t like SILVA’s prediction for Tony Ferguson vs. Yves Edwards at all. In fact, I’ll be brutally honest and say that, except the main event between Bisping and Miller, I would ignore what SILVA has to say about this one.

The big underdog pick of the card

Or, in other words, “what picks you should avoid making.” Regardless, SILVA likes Dennis Bermudez over Diego Brandao as your biggest underdog pick, followed by Yves Edwards over Tony Ferguson, John Albert over Dustin Pague, John Dodson over T.J. Dillashaw, and Roland Delorme over Josh Ferguson. Seriously, don’t trust SILVA for this event. I’m not.


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