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SILVA Predictions for UFC 141

Facebook Fights

  • 145 lbs: Diego Nunes (64.16) over Manny Gamburyan (43.25)
  • 170 lbs: Luis Ramos (39.94) over Matt Riddle (36.49)
  • 155 lbs: Jacob Volkmann (67.17) over Efrain Escudero (47.81)
  • 170 lbs: Dong Hyun Kim (68.34) over Sean Pierson (40.43)

Spike TV Fights

  • 155 lbs: Danny Castillo (53.99) over Anthony Njokuani (33.90)
  • 145 lbs: Ross Pearson (50.95) over Junior Assuncao (41.49)

Main Card Fights

  • 145 lbs: Jim Hettes (47.22) over Nam Phan (23.78)
  • 205 lbs: Alexander Gustafsson (73.66) over Vladimir Matyushenko (68.31)
  • 170 lbs: Jon Fitch (81.11) over Johny Hendricks (80.82)
  • 155 lbs: Donald Cerrone (76.31) over Nate Diaz (46.86)
  • 265 lbs: Brock Lesnar (74.29) over Alistair Overeem (74.05)



While Lesnar vs. Overeem is the only big-time fight here from a marketing perspective, this is a solid fight card from top to bottom. Having three of the Facebook fights feature fighters with a SILVA score over 60 is pretty rare, and I’m intrigued with every fight on the pay-per-view card, especially to see how SILVA favorites Alexander Gustafsson and Johny Hendricks perform.

The big underdog pick of the card

It’s easy to see why Jim Hettes is an underdog to Nam Phan. Hettes didn’t look particularly great in his last fight against Alex Caceres, and he’s won all of his fights by submission, while Phan has never lost by submission. Regardless, Hettes is SILVA’s pick to win, based on Phan’s history of losing to quality opponents. Keep in mind that while this section is called “the big underdog pick of the card,” Hettes isn’t that big of an underdog, being listed at about +160 at the moment. Your other underdog pick is none other than Brock Lesnar.


2 responses to “SILVA Predictions for UFC 141

  1. Howard morton December 30, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    I bet hettes at +190 at the palazzo. Bet 100 wish I would have bet Hendricks too. Fitch got screwed by 9 year rule!

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