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SILVA Predictions for Bellator 62

In the unlikely event that you’ve been frantically refreshing this website in hopes that I would post SILVA scores for today’s Bellator event at some point before the show at least begins on the west coast, your patience has been rewarded. Apologies for not getting these out sooner, and I really can’t blame anybody but myself.

Bellator Lightweight Tournament – Quarterfinals

  • 155 lbs: Brent Weedman (60.93) over J.J. Ambrose (42.82)
  • 155 lbs: Rene Nazare (51.58) over Thiago Michel Pereira Silva (21.00)
  • 155 lbs: Rick Hawn (68.77) over Ricardo Tirloni (43.46)
  • 155 lbs: Lloyd Woodard (54.43) over Patricky Freire (50.77)

You wouldn’t think there could be a bigger debacle than the lateness of this post, but I think the cancellation of the heavyweight tournament final between Eric Prindle and Thiago Santos qualifies. Last week, the fight was postponed due to flu-like symptoms suffered by Prindle. This week, Santos was unable to make weight. Bellator finally decided to simply eliminate Santos, sending Prindle to a title fight against Cole Konrad. Good luck to you, Mr. Prindle, because you’re going to need it.


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