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SILVA Predictions for Bellator 63

Tomorrow evening, Bellator will begin the first round of its welterweight tournament, to determine who will challenge the winner of the upcoming fight between Ben Askren and Douglas Lima. Here is what SILVA thinks of the participants:

Ben Saunders is probably the best-known of the tournament participants, as he was on the 6th season of The Ultimate Fighter and had a decent UFC run afterwards. I know a lot of people like Saunders, and I have nothing against him, but SILVA isn’t a big fan. Saunders is 6-4 in his last 10 fights, with his best wins in that period coming against Marcus Davis and Luis Santos. There is a little bit of hope for Saunders in the fact that his losses were all to very tough opponents, but until he shows he can step up his game, he won’t rate very well, and SILVA has him losing to the undefeated Raul Amaya.

The other name most likely to be recognized by hardcore MMA fans is Karl Amoussou. It’s a bit ironic that the two fighters most likely to be recognized are the two lowest-rated fighters in the field by SILVA. While I have some hope for a possible Saunders run in the tournament, I have about none for Amoussou, whose reputation seems to exceed his accomplishments as far as I see things. Every time Amoussou has stepped up in competition, he’s ended up losing, even against mediocre opposition like Kazuhiro Nakamura.

Ultimately, SILVA foresees a final between Bryan Baker and Chris Lozano. SILVA particularly likes Baker, despite his loss to Vitor Vianna in his last fight. This is because Baker has quite a few solid wins, against decent opponents like Matt Horwich, Jeremy Horn, Eric Schambari, Joe Riggs, and Jared Hess. None of those fighters will break into the top ten anytime soon, but for Baker, the key is the quantity of wins he’s accumulated, along with relatively few losses.


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