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SILVA Predictions for TUF 15 Finale

After thinking about it a little bit, I’ve decided not to do a detailed preview post for these fights. The reasons are as follows. One, SILVA was absolutely dreadful predicting TUF fights, to an embarrassing extent. Two, I really don’t know a whole lot about a number of participants on the main card, including featherweights Max Holloway and Pat Schilling. Three, I’m short on time and really just need to get SILVA’s predictions out the door.

If there is a fighter from this season of TUF I would pick to make waves in the UFC, it’s Myles Jury. Honestly, this particular season was pretty darn thin in terms of UFC-level talent; I certainly don’t see any future title contenders.

As for picking against SILVA… I really should do that for every fight featuring TUF competitors, but I’ll only do it for the finale between Mike Chiesa and Al Iaquinta and the other main card fight, between John Cofer and Justin Lawrence. I’ll just be happy if SILVA does better than 5-5 for this event.


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