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SILVA Predictions for UFC on FX 4

After lots of work in front of a computer screen, I’ve managed to finish new SILVA scores for UFC on FX 4. I have to say right now that I cannot guarantee the same for UFC 147, but I’ll try.

Upset picks for this card are Steven Siler, Luis Ramos, and C.J. Keith, although Keith looked awful at the weigh-in. Enjoy the fights, and here’s hoping I’ll have a full set of SILVA scores done before UFC 147 as well.


4 responses to “SILVA Predictions for UFC on FX 4

  1. Howard morton June 23, 2012 at 7:47 am

    Did not like the way Guida fought.

    I did pick Lamas to beat Hioki.

    Ebersole’s win was unimpressive and I am a fan.

    Swanson versus TKZ?
    Lamas versus Mendes/McKenzie winner?

    • David Williams June 23, 2012 at 12:44 pm

      The thing about Guida is he’s been fighting this way for a while now. If the myth of Guida being an exciting fighter has finally been busted, then good.

      I thought Lamas had an excellent chance of upsetting Hioki, as reflected in their very close SILVA scores. SILVA may have been 6-6 picking fights, but I’m actually not upset about it, with Hioki-Lamas being close and competitive, Siler wrecking Gambino as SILVA thought, Catone losing by doctor stoppage, and Pague losing by split decision.

      One of Ebersole’s strengths as a fighter has always been his ability to not get hit, so seeing him dropped early by Waldburger was troubling. This is twice in a row that he’s skated by to win a decision, so I have a feeling his UFC unbeaten streak will be coming to an end soon.

      I’m all for Lamas vs. Mendes (who WILL beat Cody McKenzie). If Lamas wins that fight, give the man a title shot. Not sure about Swanson vs. Jung though, but I’ll admit to not having any better ideas at the moment.

      • Nick June 23, 2012 at 6:03 pm

        Dave I really enjoy your work… but if you could get the predictions a couple days earlier that would be great. I always miss it because they are always posted the day before the event.

      • David Williams June 23, 2012 at 7:07 pm

        Hey Nick, thanks, and I always appreciate your support.

        I’ll try to get SILVA predictions out two days before events from now on, but for this week in particular, it literally took me until Thursday night to get them done just for UFC on FX 4, because of the switch to SILVA 2.0. That shouldn’t be a problem in the future.

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