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SILVA Scores Updated for UFC on FX 4 and UFC 147

I know, it took long enough, but I’ve finally processed and updated the SILVA scores of all participants from UFC on FX 4 and UFC 147. First, UFC on FX 4:

Gray Maynard remains rated as an elite lightweight despite the terrible fight against Clay Guida in the main event. Guida’s SILVA score drops to 58.80, which makes him merely an above-average lightweight, not a title contender of any sort. This seems like a big difference, given the split decision result, but this is the result of SILVA being based on ten fights, not one.

Ricardo Lamas should now be considered a title contender at featherweight with his close decision victory against Hatsu Hioki. This is more due to a lack of obvious contenders in the UFC than anything else. Keep in mind that I don’t currently think any UFC featherweight has even a decent chance of beating Jose Aldo.

Brian Ebersole might have a SILVA score of 72.33, but I think his struggles against T.J. Waldburger show he doesn’t really deserve it. I like Ebersole because he’s creative and unorthodox, but when he starts facing some of the toughest fighters in the UFC, he’s going down.

Steven Siler hasn’t gotten much respect from anybody or anything outside of SILVA. The system now regards Siler as being a very good 145-pound fighter, but still short of being worthy of title contention.

Spencer Fisher now has a SILVA score of 25.49. His career decline is reminiscent of Joe Stevenson, in that he still has some skill, but his ability to generate offense against his opponent has just faded very badly.

Now, the updated SILVA scores from UFC 147:

Fabricio Werdum is a very good heavyweight fighter, and was very impressive in dispatching Mike Russow. At the same time, if Werdum is the best fighter on a given card, it probably shouldn’t be on pay-per-view. Russow finally has a sane SILVA score, although at 62.49, I think the system still overrates him a bit.

Iuri Alcantara may have been upset by Hacran Dias, but SILVA still likes him a lot. Keep in mind Alcantara has a KO win over Ricardo Lamas, and still has an excellent record overall. If anything, I would say to keep an eye on Dias as a potential future title contender himself.

Francisco Trinaldo is clearly the fighter to watch out of those who competed on The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil. No, he didn’t make it to the finale, but with a record of 11-1, a SILVA score of 67.38, and a very impressive win over Delson Heleno, he certainly looks like the best prospect to come out of the show to me.

Wanderlei Silva is probably the hardest fighter in the UFC to rate objectively. He has a dismal recent record against excellent competition. I think Silva is probably better than his SILVA score of 33.20, but then again, at some point, he has to win, right? I’m not going to tell Silva to retire from the sport, but I don’t think it’s a bad idea, either.

Rony Mariano Bezerra, better known as Rony “Jason,” is not considered a good fighter or prospect by SILVA. In fact, he’s rated lower than Godofredo “Pepey” Castro despite being given the nod by the judges at UFC 147. Dana White expressed his discontent with this fight, and I happen to think the reason the fight wasn’t very good was simply that these fighters are not very impressive by UFC standards.

Now, it’s time to turn my attention to UFC 148, and yes, that means getting right back to work processing new SILVA scores. Don’t worry, I’ll get them done this time.


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