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No Fight Previews for UFC on Fuel TV 4, Except Munoz vs. Weidman

After having done individual fight previews for all UFC 148 fights, I was reminded why I abandoned them in the first place, which is simply that doing them on top of processing new SILVA scores and doing tape study just took way too much time. I’m not particularly proud of a couple of those previews, particularly Cung Le vs. Patrick Cote.

Now, the next UFC event, which you would never know about if you actually watched UFC 148, is this Wednesday on Fuel TV, with a main event of Mark Munoz taking on Chris Weidman. I will be previewing that fight, because it’s the main event, and a very important fight in the middleweight division. For the rest of the fights, I’ll be processing the SILVA scores, and that’s it. Maybe I’ll give quick, rapid-fire thoughts on them later, but no guarantees.

I also want to start processing SILVA scores based on fighter rankings in Fight Matrix. That means that soon, I’ll be taking every #1 ranked fighter and processing his SILVA score, then every #2 ranked fighter, and so on. Not only will that help accelerate how quickly I get SILVA scores done for version 2.0, I’ll be getting SILVA scores done for the best fighters in the world, and the fighters people are likely most curious about.

Stay tuned!


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