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SILVA Predictions for Bellator 73

Well, now that Bellator’s event this week has been completely overshadowed… how about some SILVA predictions?


As I explained the other day, I would disregard SILVA’s pick in the light-heavyweight tournament final between Travis Wiuff and Attila Vegh. My pick is absolutely for Wiuff to win it, although there is a chance Vegh wins by TKO.

In the bantamweight tournament final, SILVA likes Luis Alberto Nogueira to beat Marcos Galvao. Galvao has an interesting record – he’s been to decision 15 times in 18 fights, an extremely high rate. I anticipate his match against Nogueira will be primarily a striking match, in which I feel Nogueira has the advantage, both in terms of chance to win by knockout, and in terms of winning on points if it goes the distance.

As for the other fights… Mike Wessel was a participant on the tenth season of The Ultimate Fighter, and lost quickly by submission to Marcus Jones in his only appearance. I wish I knew more about his opponent, Ryan Martinez, or either Matt Van Buren or Mike Mucitelli, but hopefully I’ll learn plenty on Friday evening.


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