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UFC 152 Preview: Lance Benoist vs. Sean Pierson

The second fight on FX will be the third welterweight fight of the evening. This one features a long-time veteran of the sport, Sean Pierson, taking on an up and coming fighter in Lance Benoist.


Striking: Pierson is a fairly mediocre striker by UFC standards. He may have fooled some into thinking he was a very good striker in his UFC debut against Matt Riddle, but Riddle has a way of making mediocre strikers look amazing. In his subsequent fights, Pierson was knocked out by Jake Ellenberger, out-struck by Dong Hyun Kim, and fought a very close fight against Jake Hecht. Despite this, striking is probably the strength of Pierson’s game, as it’s usually what he chooses to do, and he has yet to show much wrestling or grappling. His opponent, Lance Benoist, has shown a good diversity of strikes, but has shown a tendency to grapple instead. He has good kicks, and likes to attack the head, along with a decent jab. Despite Pierson being the more willing striker, I’ll give a slight edge to Benoist here.

Wrestling: I have to give Benoist the edge here, if for no other reason than Pierson’s lack of interest in takedowns or the ground game. Benoist is not an exceptional wrestler by any means, but he did fairly well against Seth Baczynski in his last fight. I see Benoist landing at least one or two takedowns.

Submissions: Again, Pierson doesn’t have much to offer here. He has four wins by submission on his record; two of those are by strikes, and the other two took place in 2001 and 2002. This is definitely Benoist’s domain. Benoist has a very solid ground game overall, with solid defense and a wide array of submission attacks. He displayed this against Baczynski when he went for a standing arm-triangle choke. He has decent ground and pound as well. If there’s a problem for Benoist here, it’s his conditioning, as he faded in his UFC debut against Matt Riddle.

Prediction: Lance Benoist by decision. I think he’s a little better than Sean Pierson in every area. If the fight is standing throughout, I could see Pierson out-pointing Benoist and winning a decision, but I don’t think Benoist is going to let that happen. I see Benoist doing well at standing distance, landing a few takedowns, and winning this fight on the judges’ scorecards.


One response to “UFC 152 Preview: Lance Benoist vs. Sean Pierson

  1. Howard morton September 19, 2012 at 10:55 am

    Benoist by TKO.

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