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It’s ELO Time

As you could probably already tell from my last two posts, I’m ready to fully implement ELO onto this blog and into my analysis. I’m excited to get started with a fighter rating system that is objective, accurate, and covers the entire sport of mixed martial arts. It’s also elegant – it won’t take me an hour to figure out what a fighter’s ELO rating is. Instead, it now takes me a couple days to get ELO ratings for every fighter in professional MMA history.

SILVA scores got me a long way, and I still think they have more theoretical potential than ELO ratings do. But working with SILVA scores was just impractical. It took too much time for too little reward. As fun as it was to use SILVA scores to identify future stars of the sport like Daniel Cormier, Chris Weidman, and Johny Hendricks, it’s time to move on.

I’ll have a breakdown of this Saturday’s UFC 153 event soon. For now, feel free to look at a more detailed breakdown of ELO ratings, or to look at my initial top 25 lists for each weight class. These ratings are all listed under “Pages” in the top left corner of this blog. I can’t wait to hear about how wrong some of the ratings are!


One response to “It’s ELO Time

  1. Nick October 11, 2012 at 10:14 am

    Looking forward to your UFC 153 picks.

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