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Bellator 77 Preview

Tonight, Bellator will start a new lightweight tournament. Here are the ELO ratings for all of tonight’s fighters:


  • 16-2 Dave Jansen (2464) vs. 14-1 Magomed Saadulaev (2297)
  • 13-2 Marcin Held (2214) vs. 9-0 Murad Machaev (2006)
  • 14-2 Ricardo Tirloni (2267) vs. 10-2 Rene Nazare (1986)
  • 20-0 Alexander Sarnavskiy (2527) vs. 44-21-1 Rich Clementi (2290)


  • 125 lbs: 5-1 Dave Morgan (2017) vs. 2-0 Matthew Lozano (1904)
  • 145 lbs: 0-0 Eric Albright (1946) vs. 3-0 Brett Martinez (1718)
  • 155 lbs: 3-1 Cosmo Alexandre (2000) vs. 4-0 Mike Bannon (1979)
  • 185 lbs: 8-8 Lewis Rumsey (1952) vs. 5-2 Duane Bastress (1942)
  • Catchweight: 14-5 Carmelo Marrero (2271) vs. 11-4 Lew Polley (1873)
  • 155 lbs: 7-0 Emanuel Brooks (2347) vs. 5-0 Darrell Horcher (2219)

It’s a little funny typing Rich Clementi’s record on the same line with Alexander Sarnavskiy’s, but it’s a fairly competitive fight despite the wide gap in career winning percentage. As one might expect, the 20-0 record of Sarnavskiy contains more than a few wins against inferior opponents. But unlike Jason Reinhardt, whose seemingly impeccable record was based exclusively on defeating cans, Sarnavskiy has some quality wins as well, including wins over Len Bentley, Douglas Evans, and Marcio Cesar. With Sarnavskiy, there’s no one win that stands out, but there are enough quality wins to consider him a legitimately good lightweight fighter. He’s my favorite to win this Bellator tournament, followed by former WEC lightweight Dave Jansen.


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