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Hi everybody. I obviously haven’t posted in a while, and there is a reason for that. Recently, my enthusiasm about the sport of mixed martial arts has hit an all-time low. When I started this blog, I was very enthusiastic, and slowly over time, my enthusiasm has waned. To put it bluntly, the UFC is putting on too many fights for me to want to watch all of them. And if I don’t want to watch all of them, I certainly wouldn’t want to write about all of them. That of course says nothing about Strikeforce, Bellator, or many of the other MMA organizations that put on quality fights.

I didn’t fully realize this until UFC 153 last month. I really didn’t want to watch the prelims for that show. In fact, I sat there during fights like Sergio Moraes vs. Renee Forte thinking “there are other things I’d rather do right now.” When the main card started, I was excited and dialed in like normal. I came to realize that it’s not the higher-level fights I’m burned out on, it’s the lower-level, prelim-quality UFC fights.

Meanwhile, there are other sports I’ve been focused on. Recently, of course, that means football and basketball, as those sports are now in season. But while I haven’t been too excited about writing MMA posts, I’ve been wanting to write on other sports. Ultimately, my identity as a sports fan is not somebody who is passionate only about MMA. MMA is only one of the sports I enjoy. And so I’ve decided to launch a new blog, one that will focus on a variety of sports, MMA included.

You can find my new blog here:

It’s called “You Have No Game,” which is what a friend of mine is fond of saying about athletes like LeBron James, Albert Pujols, and Tom Brady. Already, I have pages up for my 2012-13 NBA win projections, a power ranking that I plan on updating throughout the NBA season, as well as UFC rankings and a list of upcoming UFC fights. I’ll be posting semi-randomly about whatever comes to mind. The worst thing I can do if I want to keep blogging is hold myself to a schedule or obligation, so think of it as a place where I speak my mind about sports. But I aspire to do so in an insightful and unique way.

Undoubtedly, some of you are here for MMA, and aren’t interested in the other sports. So if you’d prefer to follow a blog that only covers MMA, I’m also planning on repeating all my MMA-related posts here at Fantasy Fights. But I do hope that you’ll check out my new blog.

Thanks as always for your support.


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