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UFC Fight Night 29 Predictions Summary

Let’s take a look at the percentages:

ufc fight night 29 predictions

So like I said, FPR really hates Erick Silva. Dong Hyun Kim is currently a +200 underdog… so how does Kim as a -900 favorite sound to you? I really don’t think Kim has a 90 percent chance of winning that fight, but who knows, maybe he does? FPR has a pretty strong track record picking 70% and above favorites. Those fighters are 36-6.

There are three coin flips on the main card according to FPR. Jake Shields and Matt Hamill are both only slightly favored while they’re both large underdogs at the sportsbooks. That makes me nervous but I’m sticking to my guns on both of them.

Besides Kim, the one fighter to be strongly favored by FPR is Fabio Maldonado against Joey Beltran. I feel a lot better about this pick. Maldonado and Beltran do the same thing (stand in the pocket and blast away) but Maldonado is better at it.

There is also no data at all for Alan Patrick vs. Garett Whiteley, so there’s no pick being made by FPR. Patrick is the betting favorite and that’s good enough for me.

The degenerate gambling picks for this fight card are: Dong Hyun Kim, Fabio Maldonado, Matt Hamill, Jake Shields, and Rousimar Palhares, in that order. I’m not recommending you go with those picks – it’s just what FPR is telling me. Best of luck to all the degenerate gamblers out there, whoever you’ve bet on.

And as always, enjoy the fights!


2 responses to “UFC Fight Night 29 Predictions Summary

  1. Nick October 9, 2013 at 7:55 pm

    Awesome on the Shields pick.. night of the underdogs for sure.

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