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UFC Fight Night 31 Predictions: FS1 Prelims

No, I haven’t forgotten that there are two UFC events this week. Yes, I’m aware that one of them is tomorrow. It’s time to write the predictions for those fights turbo-style:

Germaine De Randamie vs. Amanda Nunes

De Randamie-Nunes


This fight is all about which woman can impose her will on the other. If Amanda Nunes can take Germaine De Randamie down without too much of a struggle, then she’s going to win this fight. The opposite is true if De Randamie can stuff the takedowns of Nunes or at least make each takedown very difficult. It’s a toss-up fight but I’ll take De Randamie because I believe her advantage striking out-weighs the takedown advantage of Nunes.

Pick: Germaine De Randamie by decision

Dennis Bermudez vs. Steven Siler



Dennis Bermudez is a perfect example of a fighter FPR likes a whole lot more than I do. I have a tough time getting past Bermudez’s suspect chin and poor striking defense. At the same time, he’s clearly an excellent wrestler and despite his flaws standing has been able to out-strike his opponents overall. Bermudez should have a huge advantage in takedowns and grappling against Steven Siler. This could end up looking a lot like it did when Siler fought Darren Elkins.

Pick: Dennis Bermudez by decision

Francisco Rivera vs. George Roop



George Roop has been one of the hardest fighters for me to predict – mostly because I keep expecting him to get knocked out and it never happens. I thought the combination of Roop cutting too much weight and already having a suspect chin would be his downfall against Brian Bowles… and it almost was. Mark my words, Roop will go down eventually. Francisco Rivera hits hard enough that he’s likely to get the job done.

Pick: Francisco Rivera by TKO

Bobby Green vs. James Krause



Somebody needs to explain to me why James Krause is favored to win this fight, because I don’t see it. Bobby Green profiles as the better striker by far. It would then seem as if Krause needs to win with takedowns and grappling, but he has no history of being able to win that way. This fight seems like a recipe for Green to stuff any of Krause’s takedown attempts and out-point him or knock him out standing. If there’s something I’m missing here please let me know.

Pick: Bobby Green by decision


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