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FPR Update 12/4

I went into the data and reduced the value of takedowns in the FPR formula, just to see what would happen. The result compelled me to update FPR immediately. So many fighters who were underrated by FPR have been upgraded, and so many fighters who were overrated by FPR have been downgraded. I’m now a lot more confident in these numbers, and I strongly believe they will lead to more accurate predictions.

The top ten at heavyweight…

Rank Fighter FPR
 1  Cain Velasquez  +16.46
 2  Junior Dos Santos  +10.68
 3  Daniel Cormier  +6.69
 4  Alistair Overeem  +6.65
 5  Josh Barnett  +6.18
 6  Antonio Silva  +6.04
 7  Fabricio Werdum  +5.47
 8  Travis Browne  +4.35
 9  Gabriel Gonzaga  +3.80
 10  Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira  +3.76

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