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UFC 168 Predictions Summary

ufc 168 predictions summary


Note that my personal pick is Dennis Siver to beat Manny Gamburyan. The betting public is a lot more confident in Siver than FPR is in Gamburyan and I don’t think it’s a great matchup for Manny.

You can also safely ignore the percentages for Rousey-Tate. My model is not well equipped to handle a statistical outlier like Rousey.


Last time I cautioned that I could easily lose all of my bets… and I did. That has brought my bankroll to $49.88 which puts me down a whopping 12 cents overall.

Starting Bankroll: $50.00

Last Time: -$5.91

Current Bankroll: $49.88

Here’s what I have for UFC 168:

Chris Leben +250: $7.47 to win $18.68

Chris Weidman +135: $5.74 to win $7.75

Manny Gamburyan +220: $2.36 to win $5.19

I am also placing a bet on Ronda Rousey by submission -350: $7.00 to win $2.00 since I think that’s the result well above 80 percent of the time.

Best of luck and enjoy the fights!


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