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UFC Fight Night Singapore Predictions

ufc fight night singapore predictions


I’ll be straight-up honest with you. Outside of Lim vs. Saffiedine and Kikuno vs. Mulhern, every win percentage projection has been taken straight from the betting lines. There’s no way in hell I can do proper tape study and analysis for each of the debuting fighters here. I analyzed Sean Soriano and that’s it.

All favorites listed here are also my picks. Yes, that means I’m making eight out of 10 picks based on who the betting public likes. At least give me credit for being up front about it instead of trying to claim these picks originated from whatever shreds of genius I may or may not possess.


Starting Bankroll: $50.00

Last Event: -$0.08

Current Bankroll: $49.80

(Wait, isn’t the whole idea of being a “degenerate” gambler risking far more money than I reasonably should?)

Every brain cell I have is telling me to pass on this fight card. There are only two fights in which I have data on both fighters and the data says there’s no betting value on either fight.

Just to make things interesting I’m going to place a minimum bet on Tatsuya Kawajiri -165, risking $0.85 to win $0.50. I liked a lot of what I saw from Sean Soriano on tape but I have a feeling people are underrating the effect of A) Soriano never facing anybody nearly as good as Kawajiri, and B) Kawajiri’s dominant wrestling game. It’s not a bet I recommend, I’m just doing it for purely entertainment purposes.

If you’re crazy enough to bet a significant amount of money on this card then I wish you the best of luck. To those who are crazy enough to watch this fight card live, enjoy the fights!


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