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UFC Singapore Top Performers

Apologies for the brief hiatus. Let’s take a look at the top performers from the UFC’s Singapore event last Saturday:

Rank Fighter Fight Score
1 Tatsuya Kawajiri +16.37
Initially had trouble taking Sean Soriano down, but eventually broke through to land three takedowns, pass guard three times, land 32 significant strikes, and finish the fight by submission.
2 Max Holloway +15.70
Known as a volume striker, Holloway showed off some finishing ability as he knocked Will Chope down twice among his 74 significant strikes landed in just 7:27.
3 Kyung Ho Kang +11.02
Utterly dominated Shinichi Shimizu for 15 minutes: 65-2 in significant strikes, 2-0 in takedowns, 4-0 in guard passes, 4-0 in submission attempts, and finished the fight in the third round.
4 Russell Doane +4.86
Despite being taken down twice Doane was 43-17 in significant strikes over Leandro Issa and eventually finished the fight by submission.
5 Mairbek Taisumov +4.13
Just 33-26 in significant strikes but landed five takedowns to grind out the decision victory over Tae Hyun Bang.
6 Dustin Kimura +4.06
Continues to struggle as a striker as he was knocked down and out-pointed 9-1 in significant strikes, but pulled off a slick armbar to finish Jon Delos Reyes in the first round.
7 Katsunori Kikuno +3.97
Not much action as he only out-struck Quinn Mulhern 23-16 in 15 minutes but showed good top control with three takedowns and nine guard passes.
8 Royston Wee +3.70
The bad: Wee was out-struck 25-8 and had two submissions attempted against him by Dave Galera. The good: six takedowns and nine guard passes to earn the judges’ nod anyway.
9 Tarec Saffiedine +1.64
Thanks to an onslaught of leg kicks Saffiedine landed a whopping 120 significant strikes and knocked Hyun Gyu Lim down three times. However Lim landed 122 significant strikes and nearly finished Saffiedine at the end of the fight.
10 Kiichi Kunimoto +0.68
Just 12-10 in significant strikes over Luiz Dutra before winning by disqualification.
11 Luiz Dutra -0.68
Probably deserves a worse score after his blatant elbow to the back of Kunimoto’s head.
12 Hyun Gyu Lim -3.08
13 Dave Galera -3.70
14 Quinn Mulhern -3.97
Apparently has retired from MMA. Another data point that suggests being freakishly tall for a weight class is not an advantage.
15 Jon Delos Reyes -4.06
16 Tae Hyun Bang -4.13
17 Leandro Issa -4.86
For all the talk of Issa being a world-class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, he sure didn’t look like one to me.
18 Shunichi Shimizu -11.02
19 Will Chope -15.70
Once again… I fail to see how being freakishly tall for a weight class is helpful.
20 Sean Soriano -16.37
A genuinely good prospect who should be successful in the UFC featherweight division, but Kawajiri was too much, too soon.

While I’m giving out Fight Scores to the performers at UFC Singapore, here’s a -100 to referee Steve Perceval. He watched as Sean Soriano tapped out to a rear naked choke… and stood there as if nothing happened. Then Soriano passed out and THEN Perceval stopped the fight. That’s a referee who has no business in the cage officiating mixed martial arts.


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