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UFC Fight Night 35 Top Performers

Here are the Fight Scores for the participants of UFC Fight Night 35. Fight Score is a statistic that filters each fighter’s Fight Metric statistics through an algorithm to estimate who the best performers were on a given night.

EDIT: Vinc Pichel and Garett Whiteley are now included in the statistics.

Rank Fighter Fight Score
 1  Beneil Dariush  +39.71
 2  Luke Rockhold  +26.23
 3  Cole Miller  +13.70
 4  Elias Silverio  +9.03
 5  T.J. Dillashaw  +6.57
 6  Vinc Pichel  +6.33
 7  Ramsey Nijem  +5.23
 8  Alp Ozkilic  +4.37
 9  Trevor Smith  +2.80
 10  Yoel Romero  +2.02
 11  Brad Tavares  +1.90
 12  Dustin Ortiz  +1.30
 13  John Moraga  -1.30
 14  Lorenz Larkin  -1.90
 15  Derek Brunson  -2.02
 16  Brian Houston  -2.80
 17  Louis Smolka  -4.37
 18  Justin Edwards  -5.23
 19  Garett Whiteley  -6.33
 20  Mike Easton  -6.57
 21  Isaac Vallie-Flagg  -9.03
 22  Sam Sicilia  -13.70
 23  Costas Philippou  -26.23
 24  Charlie Brenneman  -39.71

The only Fight Score that might look strange is Alp Ozkilic at +4.37 and Louis Smolka at -4.37. Keep in mind that Fight Score is not a method of judging fights, it’s a method of evaluating fighters. There’s a subtle but important difference between those two things. Watching live, I thought Smolka deserved the decision over Ozkilic. However, Ozkilic took Smolka down nine times and passed his guard seven times. In the context of that particular fight, the takedowns didn’t make a huge difference for Ozkilic. But in the context of each fighter’s career, being taken down nine times in one fight is a huge red flag for Smolka going forward. I would say that even though Smolka beat Ozkilic in this one particular fight, I still like Ozkilic’s future UFC outlook better than Smolka’s. Hopefully that makes sense.


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