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UFC Fight Night Bangor Prediction: Shawn Jordan vs. Jack May

Shawn Jordan is a fighter who has probably gotten more than his fair share of respect from the betting public in his UFC career. Jordan was the favorite to beat Gabriel Gonzaga and then the favorite to beat Matt Mitrione. After examining the statistics, I found both sets of betting lines to be strange – mostly because Jordan just isn’t a polished fighter. At this point, I don’t know if he ever will be.

My problems with Jordan have mostly stemmed from the idea that he could make his way into the UFC and still be “learning how to fight MMA.” The UFC is no place to learn how to become a mixed martial artist, no more than the NFL or NBA are good places to learn how to play football or basketball, respectively. With very few exceptions, if you don’t know how to play a sport until you get to the highest level of that sport… taking on world-class competition isn’t going to be helpful.

Jordan also looks like he should have huge knockout power, but he really doesn’t. Despite being about six feet tall and about 250 pounds, Jordan has landed just one knockdown in the UFC. That knockdown was landed against Pat Barry, a fighter whose inability to take a punch has been well documented. Jordan also fought Gonzaga and Cheick Kongo, both of whom have very questionable chins themselves, and didn’t land any knockdowns in those fights.

The best things I can say about Jordan are that he’s not a bad volume striker and he seems to have a decent grasp of the ground game – enough that he can safely land strikes on the ground without constantly having to fight off submission attempts. Those things are probably enough to favor Jordan against Jack May.

I don’t know a lot about May, but here’s what I do know. May has consistently won by knockout on the regional circuit against random opponents with a poor record or no record. He got taken down by Derrick Lewis without too much difficulty, was able to reverse position and get the mount, then got reversed and pummeled on the ground for a TKO loss. May has not proven his knockout power translates to a high level, and has yet to show much polish on the ground.

With that having been said, May very well might have better knockout power than Jordan, and that scares me a little bit. Jordan likes to strike and could choose to slug it out standing… and there’s a very good chance that May would win by knockout in that type of fight.

I’m not predicting that outcome because Jordan is the more proven fighter and should be able to take May down and perhaps win by TKO with ground and pound. Jordan could potentially win a striking match at distance, but heavyweight fights tend to get finished one way or the other, and I feel like May is more likely than Jordan to win by knockout standing. So if you’re wondering why Jordan is less than a 2-1 favorite, that’s why.

Pick: Shawn Jordan by TKO


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