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NFL Degenerate Gambling – Week 3

Last week I outlined a new and incredibly complicated way of making bets on NFL games – to look at who the CBS Sports “experts” thought would win against the spread, and then bet on the other team. The reason for this is simple: the CBS Sports records against the spread are terrible!

Doing this last week resulted in a 10-3 record against the spread and a cool $6.75 added to my degenerate gambling bankroll. So why not go back to the well and see if I can’t come up with some more winners? Except this time I’m risking $2 per bet instead of $1. Sorry to make you gasp.

Here is a link to the teams the CBS Sports “experts” like this week:

That results in me making the following plays:

  • Tampa Bay +6.5 (+100)
  • Buffalo -2.5 (-110)
  • St. Louis -1 (-110)*
  • Philadelphia -6.5 (-110)
  • Houston -2 (-110)
  • Minnesota +10.5 (-110)
  • Tennessee +6.5 (-105)
  • Cleveland +1.5 (-110)
  • Detroit -2.5 (-110)
  • Jacksonville +6.5 (-105)
  • Oakland +14 (-110)
  • San Francisco -2.5 (-120)
  • Denver +5 (-110)
  • Kansas City +4 (-110)
  • New York Jets -3 (+100)

*I wanted to take St. Louis +1 -110 but was informed I couldn’t make the bet because the line had changed. Then I tried to take St. Louis PK -110 but once again could not because the line changed. So I have to settle for St. Louis -1 -110.

As always, the necessary disclaimer: I’m doing these bets for fun and whatever bets you make, you do at your own risk. I’m not actually recommending you place these bets.

Best of luck with your degenerate gambling this week! I’ll be back later tonight to recap TUF and picks for UFC Fight Night Japan will be up tomorrow.


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