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TUF 20 Episode 2 Notes

Result: Joanne Calderwood def. Emily Kagan by decision (majority), 2 rounds

-It was not surprising to see Calderwood throwing a lot of kicks early on. Calderwood is clearly much more comfortable with her kicks than her punching techniques or boxing in general. There was at least one time where Calderwood visibly winced when Kagan was throwing a punch.

-Calderwood was much more comfortable and effective in the clinch, where she delivered some hard knees and did a nice job of combining a knee to the body with a punch to the head.

-I would have liked to see Kagan pressure Calderwood a lot more. Her coaches seemed to want her to move forward and look for takedowns, but instead Kagan settled for a striking match at distance in the first round. In the second round, it was Calderwood who initiated the clinch and landed the takedown. I think Kagan could have potentially scored an upset here if she moved forward more aggressively.

-By no means did Kagan win either round in this fight. She landed a few nice punches in the first round, but Calderwood matched those punches with hard knees and threw strikes at much higher volume. The second round was bizarre and mostly featured Kagan being stuck in an inverted triangle choke attempt by Calderwood. I would not have predicted that we would see inverted triangle choke attempts in back to back fights on this show…

-It’s hard to take away too much from this fight. The first round was mostly a tentative striking match and the second round stalled out because Kagan was stuck in the triangle. I want to see what happens when Calderwood faces a tougher opponent. No disrespect to Kagan, but she just didn’t put together very much offense in this fight. I feel like Calderwood will struggle with an aggressive opponent, but time will tell.


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