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Survivor Probability Podcast with Jason Somerville and Rob Cesternino

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of things I work on when I’m not writing about MMA, here’s a great example.

During the summer, my friend Jason Somerville – a professional poker player who is also very passionate about the UFC – offered me an assignment I wasn’t expecting. He wanted me to statistically research the Survivor reality television show and gave me a few questions to answer.

I had watched a little bit of Survivor before, but only a little bit, and as a very casual viewer. So I dove headfirst into this project, learned a lot about Survivor, did a lot of statistical research, and came up with far more material than Jason asked for. Jason was so happy with my work that he was willing to discuss it with none other than Rob Cesternino.

If you’re unfamiliar with who exactly that is, Rob hosts a very popular podcast with the very creative name “Rob Has a Podcast.” He also is a two-time Survivor player, having appeared on Survivor: The Amazon and Survivor: All-Stars. Rob quickly gained a reputation for being one of the best strategic players out there while he was on the show.

Here is the video with Jason and Rob breaking down my stats!

You can find this video and a link to the report I put together at Rob’s website (creatively named “Rob Has a Website”) here. If you’ve ever watched Survivor, it’s something you might enjoy, but just to warn you: the spoilers come fast and furious!


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