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Quick Thoughts on Bellator and WSOF

I was asked to provide my opinion on the upcoming fights in Bellator and World Series of Fighting this weekend. I haven’t done any preparatory work for these events so what I have to say is relatively uninformed. With that said…

  • I hate to do it, but I favor Tito Ortiz to beat Stephan Bonnar. If an ancient Mark Coleman could beat Bonnar with takedowns and top control, then so can Ortiz.
  • It took Will Brooks the better part of three rounds to really get things going against Michael Chandler in their first fight. I have to think Chandler has learned from that fight and does what it takes to win in the rematch.
  • Joe Vedepo is 17-8 and has lost to Eddie Larrea (20-32) and Jason Buck (14-13). So no, he’s not going to beat “King Mo” Lawal.
  • Bellator might as well make Melvin Manhoef vs. Joe Schilling a kickboxing rules match. It’s funny that Manhoef, at 29-11-1, is only a -135 favorite against Schilling, whose MMA record stands at 1-3… but we know Manhoef isn’t going to grapple him. I still have to pick Manhoef to win though.
  • I will pick any decent fighter to beat Nam Phan, and Mike Richman definitely qualifies.
  • David Branch was one of the very early SILVA score favorites on this blog. His career losses are by slam KO to Gerald Harris, by heel hook to Rousimar Palhares, and by decision to Rumble. Branch is better than people think… I’m not picking him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he upset Yushin Okami.
  • I’ve never seen Kalindra Faria fight but I’m much more impressed by Jessica Aguilar’s record. Aguilar has wins over Megumi Fujii, Carla Esparza, etc… so I think she should get the job done.
  • Justin Gaethje and Melvin Guillard are both sluggers, but Gaethje is a fighter on the rise and Guillard is a fighter on the decline. The pick has to be Gaethje.

I don’t blame people for being interested in these shows, given how weak UFC 180 is. Outside of Werdum-Hunt and Bermudez-Lamas, Bellator and WSOF are probably going to deliver better entertainment this weekend.


4 responses to “Quick Thoughts on Bellator and WSOF

  1. r.mattioli November 14, 2014 at 6:42 am

    well done…glad to see you take some time to comment on some interesting non-ufc events….obviously,it would be unrealistic for your blog to cover all the lesser organizations on a regular basis but it`s nice to see you not pigeonhole yourself to strictly ufc events…I agree that these shows are at least equal in entertainment value to this particularly weak ufc card and have some very interesting “young gun vs vet” and “vet vs vet” match-ups…as an old p.a.l. amateur boxer,nothing grates on me more than seeing golden boy/ cards that consistnetly pit hot prospects vs riff raf(non-competitive set-ups)…I`d much rather watch match-ups featuring style match-ups involving guys that may be a tad on the downside but are still competitive and/or fights like gaethje/Guillard that feature legit up and comers vs a vet that is still very dangerous….

    I have to say that brooks/chandler is ufc worthy, okami/branch an interesting match–up of guys who probably still have ufc aspirations(in spite of age considerations)……richman/phan a solid striker vs striker match-up that should certainly entertain(even though richman is rightly a decent sized fave)…….

    and I have to admit to having a certain prurient interest in seeing bonnar/Ortiz(your coleman anaogy is spot on and exactly what i was thinking)… and leonard Garcia/Daniel pineda tonight on awe?…I mean,any Garcia fight has the lure of an impending car wreck and pineda has some ufc bonafides…what could be bad?(lol)

    throw in a sprinkling of nfl analysis and why wouldn`t your average combat sports/nfl fan not pop in for some analysis and interesting commentary?…I feel uncomfortable kissing your a– on a regular basis(and I don`t always agree with your analysis) but if I were setting up a blog to and listed topics I`d like to discuss,your content would hit this g-spot…. free flowing,casual and informative…keep up the good work…

  2. Mirko November 15, 2014 at 12:30 pm

    Thanks for your review, I appreciate it, I was really busy so I didn’t have time to check it till now.
    I see some value in Chandler and Guillard, maybe even Nam Phan who is huge underdog at this moment.

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