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Fighter Performance Ratings

The links on this page will take you to the FPR of all UFC fighters in each weight class. FPR ratings are based on the following statistics: significant strikes, knockdowns, takedowns, guard passes, and submission attempts. The more of these techniques a fighter performs, the better his rating will be, and the more these techniques are performed against him, the worse his rating will be. The rating itself is based on how well each statistic correlates to actually winning fights.

There is also a “strength of schedule” component. This is based on the historical rankings found at Fight Matrix. Obviously if a fighter faces nothing but elite competition, and fights very evenly against that competition, his level of performance is actually very high. The opposite is true for an even performance against a low level of competition. That is what the strength of schedule component seeks to capture.

No one statistic can give anybody a full understanding of just how good a fighter is, but it can at least improve our understanding. That’s what I’m hoping to accomplish with FPR.

This is currently version 2.0 of FPR. Expect changes to be made to the ratings over time.

Here are links to the FPR ratings for all UFC fighters in each weight class:

FPR – Heavyweights

FPR – Light-Heavyweights

FPR – Middleweights

FPR – Welterweights

FPR – Lightweights

FPR – Featherweights

FPR – Bantamweights

FPR – Flyweights

FPR – Women’s Bantamweights


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